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Radiator Repair in Canton & Plymouth Michigan

Call us for all your automotive repair needs!

auto-repair-plymouth-cantonThe engine in your car produces a tremendous amount of heat while in operation. To protect the engine from becoming too hot, or “overheating”, the vehicle is equipped with a cooling system. Liquid engine coolant (commonly called antifreeze) is circulated through and around the engine to keep the moving parts cool. In this process, the engine coolant itself becomes extremely hot. The function of the radiator is to transfer the heat from the engine coolant through metal coils and then expel the heat through ventilation. If the radiator fails to do its job properly, the extreme heat remains in the system causing damage to the vital engine components. A radiator must function properly or costly repairs are not far down the road.

A routine part of engine maintenance is a cooling system flush (radiator flush). Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can lengthen the life of your vehicle’s cooling system and prevent costly radiator repairs or expensive radiator replacement. A cooling system flush will also help your radiator to function properly and protect your car from the extreme temperature changes in Michigan’s climate. An efficient radiator helps keep the vehicle from overheating in the warm summer months, and freezing during the cold months of a Michigan winter.

Engine Cooling: Radiators, Hoses, and Water Pumps

Your vehicle has five principal components in its cooling system.

  • Radiator - In the radiator, the engine coolant flows through a set of tubes called the "core". Cooling fins surround the core. As air passes through the fins, the coolant releases its heat to the fins, which dissipate the heat.
  • Radiator Cap - The cap covers the engine coolant reservoir and is designed to seal the engine cooling system to maintain a proper level of pressure.
  • Radiator Hoses - The coolant goes from the radiator to the engine through a series of hoses designed to handle engine vibration and high heat.
  • Thermostat - The engine thermostat maintains proper engine operating temperature.
  • Water Pump - The water pump is the heart of the cooling system; it pumps coolant through the cooling system and into the engine block.

If you suspect one of these engine cooling components are failing, or if you notice your car or truck is running at high temperatures, get to Canton Wear Master. We'll be able to diagnose the problem and only repair or replace what's required to get your car or truck running properly. Call us at (734) 454 - 9550 or contact us here.


Why Choose Canton Wear Master?

Canton Wear Master is a family owned & operated auto repair business located just outside downtown Plymouth, Michigan, servicing the auto repair needs of the Plymouth – Canton area. At Canton Wear Master you will find honest and trustworthy auto repair services for any year, make, and model of vehicle. Call Canton Wear Master for all your auto repair needs.